Tuesday, December 22, 2015

It's Not Just About Straight Teeth

Lenz Orthodontics
When most people think of the "perfect smile" they think of straight, bright white teeth. However, there are many factors that go into creating the perfect smile. From proper alignment of teeth to correct jaw position, as well as facial structure…each play a role in the appearance of your smile.

Did you know that a perfect smile offers you more than just straight, bright white teeth? There are several benefits of having properly aligned teeth that most people are unaware of. Although a majority of patients who receive orthodontic treatment do so for a more confident and cosmetically attractive smile, having straight teeth can positively impact your overall health.

Five Benefits you may not know about...

1. Improved Gum Health

  • Lower risk of gum disease 
  • Lower risk of tooth loss

2. Better Overall Health

  • Less tooth decay 
  • Lower risk of heart disease 
  • Lower risk of high blood sugar

3. Lower Risk of Soft Tissue Injury

  • Misaligned teeth can push against soft tissues in the mouth 
  • Cuts, sores and infections are a result of crooked teeth

4. Increased Confidence

  • More self-esteem at work or school 
  • Better confidence leads to a more successful attitude

5. Easier Eating

  • Crooked teeth compromise chewing

If you are ready to take advantage of the benefits of straight teeth, give us a call at 262-634-6900. Lenz Orthodontics offers affordable orthodontic treatment for all ages.

Friday, December 11, 2015

The More You Know

There seems to be a lack of understanding about who should be providing you with your orthodontic care. You may have already started asking yourself if you should seek treatment for braces or clear aligners from your general family dentist or a certified orthodontic specialist

Making the decision to get orthodontic treatment is an important one that will affect your dental health for a lifetime…so it’s important that you are informed of the significant differences in care between a certified orthodontist and a general dentist. 

Did you know that 100% of orthodontists are dentists, but only 7% of dentists are orthodontists? 

A general dentist must complete 8,000 hours of dental training for their dental degree. While an orthodontist must start with that same dental training and continue on with another 4,000-6,000 hours in an accredited residency program to learn orthodontic basics. 

A general dentist is wonderful for routine dental work, but the scope of their practice is preventive, cosmetic and restorative. Orthodontists, on the other hand, are trained specialist and have the expertise in smile and facial esthetics, jaw function, facial growth and development, tooth movement, alignment of teeth and jaws and straightening of teeth. Thus, orthodontists have the best experience, judgement and certifications to give the best orthodontic treatment for all patients. 

At Lenz Orthodontics we understand that your smile is priceless and want you to be confident in knowing that our office is the clear choice when it comes to orthodontic treatment for you and your family.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Thankful For A Healthy Smile

I am thankful for my family, my friends and my home...but I'm extra thankful for Turkey and Pumpkin Pie!
Photo Provided by palmettoscene.org

OK...so when you think about Thanksgiving and all of the delicious foods to be had, it’s safe to say you probably don't think that the words Thanksgiving and Healthy go hand in hand. But, believe it or not, we are here to tell you...you’ll have reason to feel less guilty when indulging in the feast this Turkey Day.

There are some added benefits a few of the traditional Thanksgiving foods will have on your teeth. 

Photo Provided by mouthhealthy.org

Not only is turkey the main attraction on the table, but it benefits your body and teeth in several ways due to its high protein content. Protein has phosphorus in it and when phosphorus mixes with calcium and vitamin D, it creates strong bones and teeth....just one more reason to keep smiling!  

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Cranberry sauce is rich in nutrients, including vitamins C and A, beta-carotene and potassium. Cranberries also help protect your teeth by interfering with the bacteria in your mouth that causes plaque. 


Pumpkin Pie 
Photo Provided by mouthhealthy.org

It's pretty clear...pumpkin pie is delicious. But did you know that pumpkin pulp is a good source of Vitamin A, potassium and fiber, all of which help build tooth enamel. And...as if that wasn't enough...pumpkin seeds are a good source of magnesium, a nutrient that can help strengthen your teeth.

So when it’s time to sink your teeth into your holiday meal, go ahead and grab a big helping of turkey and an extra slice of pumpkin pie, as these are great foods in helping you achieve a healthy smile.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Men in Aprons

Calling all men to the kitchen! 

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This is the day for men to take charge in the kitchen and cook for their loved ones. Always celebrated on the first Thursday of each November, this day was created by Sandy Sharkey in 2001 for men who don’t know their way around the kitchen, as well as for the women in their lives who need a break. 

Unlike other national holidays you’re familiar with…this holiday has a few rules. So men...pay attention as we cover the most important rules for today.

Image provided by kids.baristanet.com
Rule #1: The main meal must include a minimum of 4 ingredients and require at least one cooking utensil other than a fork. 

Rule #2: Experienced female cooks may not assist in the meal. The men need to do it all by themselves…including selecting the recipe and shopping for all necessary ingredients. 

Rule #3: Men must use the “clean as you go” rule.  

Rule #4: No take out or prepared foods are allowed. And no Bar-B-Ques. 

Rule #5: After dinner, men must clear the table and load the dishwasher. After which… the men should return to the table for stimulating after-dinner conversation. 

Now, men…don’t get nervous… if you've never cooked before, make it simple. But if you like to cook, make something that might be a little challenging. And remember…you’re not trying to win this season’s MasterChef, you’re just giving the female chefs in your life a break for 1 measly day and celebrating an un-official national holiday, that quite frankly, should be proclaimed super official by Congress and the President as we speak.
Now get in the kitchen and cook up a storm! 
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