Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Say Cheese...It's Camera Day!

Today is National Camera Day! 
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National Camera Day is observed each year on June 29th.  This day commemorates photographs, the camera and their invention…not to mention…your amazing smile!   

In this day and age, we all either have a camera or have access to a camera. But did you know that you can actually make a camera out of materials around the house and take black and white photos with it? It’s true! And what better day to make your own camera than on National Camera Day? 

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All You Need Is:
  • An empty box film  
  • A fresh roll film  
  • A paper clip  
  • Aluminum foil  
  • A needle  
  • Scissors 
  • Tape  
  • Pencil & ruler  
  • Stapler

Once you have everything, you will be well on your way to making a Pinhole Camera. Pinhole photography provides an inexpensive means of introducing people of all ages to the principles of photography. It’s a hands-on experience where you learn by doing. A Pinhole Camera is the simplest camera possible. It consists of a light-proof box, some sort of film and an extremely small hole in a piece of aluminum foil. Easy to build...the Pinhole Camera can be made from almost anything. From oatmeal tins and boxes to cameras made of wood or cardboard. 

Whether you make your own Pinhole Camera or you use the camera on your phone…the point of the story is…Smile, take lots of pictures and celebrate National Camera Day! 

Be sure to post any photos taken today on our FaceBook or Instagram Walls…we would love to see how you celebrated the day.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sunny Smiles

It’s Summer Time…Smile! 

Life is great, school is out, and summer fun is in full effect…why wouldn’t you be smiling right now? 

When you smile, your teeth are the first thing people notice. Improving your smile can open doors to new opportunities and make you feel happier and more fulfilled in your life…So take care of your smile. 

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  1. It is important to brush your teeth every day. Brushing your teeth after each meal will remove food debris and plaque that can cause cavities and gum disease. Use a soft brittle toothbrush and don’t brush too roughly or quickly to avoid long term damage on your teeth and your gums.
  2. When you brush your teeth, use a non-abrasive fluoride toothpaste. 
  3. Floss your teeth daily. Brushing alone only cleans 65 % of teeth surfaces. Flossing will remove the remaining dental plaque and food debris in between your teeth. 
  4. Avoid foods that can harm or stain your teeth such as soft drinks or energy drinks. Not only do these things leave stains on your teeth, they are harmful to your health.   
  5. Schedule regular check-ups with your General Dentist every 6 months to make sure your teeth stay healthy. 
Some people are luckier than others, in the way that they were born with perfectly straight teeth and no misalignments. For most of us that is not the case…your teeth may be healthy but not well aligned. If this is the case, you may need orthodontic care. Orthodontic treatment can be done at any age, so if you are uncomfortable with your smile, give Lenz Orthodontics a call. 

It’s Summer…Smile for Pete’s sake!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Gifts Baskets are Manly

Poor ol' Dad. Doesn't it seem like Father's Day always takes a backseat to Mother's Day? Who are we kidding? Father's Day takes a backseat to most holidays...let's be real. Not this year, Dad. It's our mission to make sure you get a gift that is as special as you are. No one puts Daddy in the corner. 

So what do you get the man that has suffered through every single soccer the rain, no less? The man who taught you how to throw a ball and never got mad at how many times you hit the car? The man who willingly put his life into your hands when he taught you how to drive? Another tie or tool that he already has 5 of? Oh no...This year we are putting thought into our Father's Day present and Dad is getting an amazing gift basket. 

That's right everyone...Gift Baskets can be manly too. Don't believe us? Check out some of these super manly and super cool ideas for Dad.

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If you've got a Dad who's a car fanatic, this basket is perfect! A bucket and car wash supplies are all you need to make this Father's Day Gift Basket. To give it that personal touch...decorate the bucket with paint, markers and stickers. Car wash supplies like cleaner, sponges, microfiber towels and car air fresheners can be found almost anywhere...even the Dollar Store. So go crazy! Get a big bucket and fill it to the top!

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We're not saying that Dad doesn't do anything but sit around all day. What we're saying is that he does so much for us that he needs to take some time for himself and relax...and this Gift Basket lets him do just that. Fill it with things sure to allow Dad the time he needs to just veg out for a while. Give it to him and walk away. He'll love it!

World's Best Pop
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This Gift Basket is the cutest ever! One your "Pop" is sure to love. It's also great if you waited until the last minute (not that any of us did that at all). Simply go to the grocery store and get everything you need for this themed basket. Who doesn't love one stop shopping? Fill with everything from Otter Pops to Pop Tarts. But remember...all of these tasty treats are for Dad only. 

See...we told you Gift Baskets were manly.